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Side Extension New Southgate N11 (Brunswick Park Road)

The Cost of Transforming Side Returns into Valuable Living Space

Many Victorian terraced homes in the UK have an unused side return area that presents an excellent opportunity to gain extra living space. 

Homeowners often wonder how much a side return extension costs in 2024. Converting these semi-outdoor side spaces into home extensions can add considerable resale value.

What is a Side Return Extension?

A side return refers to an alleyway space of approximately 12-18m2 tucked beside the kitchen in many terraced houses built in the 1800s. Filling in this unused area with a glass and steel-frame extension creates an inviting, spacious open-plan kitchen and living room filled with natural light.

Cost to Build a Side Return Extension

The average price per m2 for a mid-range side return extension is £1,750-£2,500, equating to £26,250-£52,500 total for a 15-20m2 project. High-end bespoke builds with lots of glass range from £2,200-£3,500 per m2. Overall budgets typically start around £35,000. 

A side extension by TipTopContractors

Critical questions homeowners researching side returns ask are:

Maximising Value from Your Budget

  • How much value does converting a side return add to my home? In some London boroughs, over £250,000.
  • What factors influence cost? Location, access, size, excavation needs, finishes.
  • What design ideas work well? Open-plan kitchen/living rooms, floor-to-ceiling glass walls, skylights.

A side return extension architect can survey your home and advise on optimising your budget. The project cost outlay often results in excellent resale ROI.

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Nick and his team managed to successfully complete a big job for us that included a rear and side extension and a loft conversion. The work was finished on time and didn't go over the agreed budget. What's great about Nick is his flexibility and his attention to detail. His team is always polite and respectful to our neighbours. This wasn't our first time working with Nick - he has also renovated our bathrooms and bedrooms in the past, and we were very happy with the results.

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